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Opium was possibly more the drug of choice in those days, but cocaine is Ellen’s poison.

Before putting it up my nose, I made the props department tell me what was in it – mostly flour and lactose powder.

It is scripted by Andrew Davies, who based the story on Lindy Woodhead’s book Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge, and has breathtaking sets.I feel things so much more keenly and can instantly tap into my emotions. Now, I do a bit of yoga or pilates at home while Ava sleeps.In fact, I’m always teetering on the edge of tears. Women’s bodies change – mine has – and we should celebrate it. She has a lovely body, but it’s not a perfect Hollywood size zero. I took off my clothes because I was playing a prostitute. But I can’t bear it when you’re looking at breasts on screen for no particular reason. I don’t have any desire to schlep down Oxford Street, but being surrounded every day on set by the kind of beautiful objects that would have been sold in the store in those days did make me feel I should reacquaint myself with Selfridges today.He made shopping respectable and liberated women in the process.He also built Selfridges in a rundown part of London, where others followed.

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Zoe Tapper wasborn 26 October 1981, is an English actress who first came to prominence playing Nell Gwynne in Richard Eyre’s award-winning film Stage Beauty in 2004.

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